Founded in 1990, DK Bressler stems from the passions of jewelry and antiquities enthusiasts Ronald and Sherry Kawitzky. The young husband and wife team began their treasure hunts searching for the very finest jewels and rare collectible objects at markets and fairs across the country, and later expanded their travels around the world — throughout Europe and the far edges of the globe, including Ronald's native South Africa.

The two developed a defining style and built a collection of brilliant jewelry spanning a broad array of stylistic periods from antiquity to the 21st century. This collection evolved into the DK Bressler brand, named after Ronald's mother, Doreen Kawitzky, and Sherry's mother, Selma Bressler.

Together the couple set up shop in New York City's Diamond District, while continuing to scour the globe for unique treasures to bring back home. While Sherry passed away in 2001, Ronald continues their legacy, finding the very best jewels and gemstones that fit their shared style.

In 2018, Ronald and Sherry's son, Simon, began going through the vast collection with the help of his wife Laura. The two combed through rows of glittering trays and the backs of safes to curate and launch a new online shop, featuring a fine-tuned line of wearable antique and vintage period pieces.

Share in the history. Visit DK Bressler to view the collections and make their iconic treasures your modern heirlooms.